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Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 

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Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd Company structure 4.3.2021

9 Apr 2021

MYC parents meeting

Happy at Hotel coffee lounge meeting online 2021 Nina Hotel
20 Mar 2021
Happy projects experience and owner
Happy projects experience and owner

International Commerce Center Hong Kong Headquarters

Happy Architecture and purchase property as sole proprietorship. Contract of purchase by law firm or police treasury department.


Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 建築太平工程有限公司另有工商物業作貿易用途。

 Company laws

All property are owned by Director Yau Mei Yiu and it is not for sell or sales together with Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd in law. It is personal owned.

All shops are owned by Yau Mei Yiu is not for sell or sales purpose. It is not for sell or sales while Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd doing new projects. It is personal owned.

Hotel projects with law firm about 50 hotels in Singapore are introduced by Shangri-La hotel Singapore.

Director Yau Mei Yiu signed Property purchase agreement. Food suppliers of following properties since 1980. Director Yau Mei Yiu also purchased the property in the estate and shopping mall.

Wan Chai shop house, Wheelock and Cathay Pacific home, Police land accommodation at Wong Tai Sin, Private owned Telford garden, Charming garden, United kingdom de Winton house, Park resort, Lantau island two landed house, University of Hong Kong rock made house bought by UK university principal, Wah Fu two accommodation rock house. Wheelock property, four factory, 29 cities office, 2000 office. Hong Kong island seafood markets shophouse. 沙田第一城私人街市店鋪及住屋,沙田新城市私人街市區物業和馬鞍山私人街市及物業. 富榮花園 奧海城商場 柏景灣和帝柏海灣 帝柏花園 一號銀海物業及其它雙連物業項目

Property in Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, United kingdom, Malaysia, Canada, United states, France, China.

Tusen Wai Garden, Rhine garden, Carribbean coast Tung Chung映灣園, 錦繡花園,豪景花園, 青龍頭地皮, 18 countries airport and hotel. 

Property as government accommodation and stores on new territory together are 30 areas of land. Security services areas are more than 30 cities. 

Africa land and home.

Since 1949, 21 March 2021


4 Mar 2021

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd is registered in Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore co company together with MY Adverts.
4 Mar 2021

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd company structure

/////Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd

Director Yau Mei Yiu created the logo to following company and have established this company since 1999.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In 2021, whish to introduce the projects from Director Yau Mei Yiu graduated university projects. Bought by Yau Mei Yiu paid and draw by Director Yau. Company going to expand Further more fun from parents company Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd to bigger useful transferable company to my children.

The company opened by Director Megalane in 2021. ////

My adverts 

Mega Yau Construction Inc ltd

Mega Yau Construction inf ltd

















Pilot tablet in Boeing control

I can pilot

I love you








International airport design Architect limited

International wedding airport suitcase Limited

International airport air perfume and perfume bottle Limited

All Sofly Limited


Mega Yau international mother computer limited

MYC bank account number codes checking system limited

MYC seafood limited

Cathay Pacific holding limited

Cathay Pacific farming Limited

Cathay Pacific pilot Children nutrition Limited

Cathay Pacific Black diamond Limited

Cathay Pacific Blue diamond 💎 Limited

八大院校教資會董事會 航海系主席

5000 Men story writer limited

My adverts first live company

L hotel Architect pilot

Hotel Architect

The arch Architect

Kowloon station Architect

3 Wedding MYC limited

Royal design limited


Malaysia Chinese New Year sticker company limited

Malaysia pineapple limited


Malaysia IPO limited

20 seats table dinner Limited birthday and wedding settings

4 seats table dinner Limited birthday settings

39 seats tables birthday party Limited

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🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍Malaysia police car sticker services limited(Logo) 

Malaysia wood design airport Construction limited (Ceiling design and natural lights)

Malaysia planning and planting customs and immigration check point limited

( Singapore entrance areas)

Malaysia train railway underground parking limited

( Plan to Lego land and car parking)

Malaysia BMW oil limited

(Palm oil)

MYC development limited

MYC music Limited

MYC garden Limited

MYC water fountains Limited

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MYC 3313 Limited

Thailand seed flower eating

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Release property Limited

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Trolley Limited

Bag Limited

March 25 flying Limited

Singapore F1 T shirt Limited

Singapore F1 orchard road fashion Limited

Singapore Somerset 313 limited

(not Hong Kong or UK)

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50 Mega Yau air conditioning washing and maintenance limited

on selected brands

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for pregnancy and children use

Mega Yau staircases safety limited

Mega Yau Happy Chinese New Year ltd

Mega Yau four bedrooms limited

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Ro Ann 281 Limited

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Watch entire video limited

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MYC logo Limited

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Architect limited

123 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Construction II limited

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Bridge limited

Bay Bridge sands limited

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Singapore post BaBaBsT limited

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157 機場鐵路有限公司 


158 Hong Kong airport railway limited

159 Home multiple key limited

permitted by police

170 Multiple key limited permitted by law

171 Multiple key limited permitted by copyright

172 Digital key limited permitted by police

173 Digital card limited permitted by law

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(Sentosa Rolex watches official Architect partner)

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Japan cartoons networks on birth Limited

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Gym Limited

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Tee shirts on Construction Limited