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Trademarks of 150 companies by Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd

Thank you for your greatest treasury. Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd is the mother company with 150 company established in 2021.

Director Yau so happy with.

Trademarks is protected by our law firm and not allowed to change our logo or name card design or company names or company colour or director name or address or payment details or payment account or contact phone number or product price or products photos in our website. Comments and WhatsApp should send to our company directly protect by law. Comments must be related to the company sales and buy business on successful payment mode. Fans clubs ideas should related to our company sales or buy or purchase agreement. Funding fun new year pocket money to goes to our staff Chinese New Year funding with customers or designer together with directors. Or travel money to pilot travel with us to buy furniture together with customers.

Business class or first class fly prefer with our captions all years round. January 2021

Property agency number of C100380, A100380, B100380 are our company interested company agency. Please call me for property goods update on new home. 

To be continuing

How much is the entry ticket to study art? Professor

Happy prize by parents agree their children to stay with our company. Or individual with personal interest in our projects

What is the exact first class air tickets price in BS air

It is common law as around $200000 per return tickets to travel in Aisa area depart from Hong Kong. 


Please message us for production details

You can pay by cash or bank in to our HSBC or East Asia Bank account for details please contact us.