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Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd 

E commerce

Location Manager

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd

Mr Rabbi is graduated in environmental design and construction from university.

Young talent in international financial and commerce. 

Great to contact him in Construction matter.

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Employment of 100 staff
Employment of 100 staff

Mega Yau Construction Inc ltd


Happy members and talents can work together in our team with respect good condition and good reunions packages.

Residential provide if you agreed to live together to share a five bedrooms, kitchen, TV room, bathroom, show flat together provide club house and swimming pool, meeting rooms and security.

As company boss and staff house or hotel apartments office suite with swimming pool.


International professional in Hong Kong, university graduates preferred. Setup systems of AZ blocking for home use.

Interested to think of new projects such as building International commerce centre two in Kowloon station or new airport terminal design.

Salary is provided by projects and in investment according to the years of spends you are going to spend with us.

Please contact our Manager Mr Rabbi and Director Sofia Yau

Company design team

Company Logo

Starts at $5000 to $400000

Former PR $5000000 per projects

One year three projects packages.

Congratulations 🎉🎉💖💕

Company Web design

Company Branner, flyer, poster and out door advertising, media marketing.

Company menu, promotion material production. Name card design and staff card design. 

Gaming, TV production and model making.

Fashion model and game models character resources.

Designer table and chairs online sales 

Table make in London.

Can contact us to order Architect tables, art drawing tables or art equipment.

Art board, graphic lamp.

Company logo MYC
Company logo MYC

Mega Yau Construction Int'l ltd uniform

Suitable for men or women on Construction day. We have uniform suit jacket and suit for evening events and dress for clients meetings provide